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Water Out of Air

If boondocking is your choice of living environment, exploring those out-out-way places is your stomping grounds. If lack of drinking water is holding you back from experiencing this type of RVing, check out the latest water-from-air machines. These products are produced by two desert countries that know what they are doing, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

For over a decade, Israeli atmospheric water generator (AWG) company Watergen has been one of the players working to refine and grow air-to-water technology that can efficiently pull water vapor out of the air and collect it as fresh, filtered drinking water. Its previous work has focused heavily on large installations to supply communities, businesses and households. Its latest innovations shrink the water-harvesting tech into a form portable enough for RVers, tiny home dwellers and other off-grid explorers.

Plug the 33 lb. Mobile Box into a 12- or 220-V vehicle outlet. The unit sucks in air through a fan and runs it through a filtration system on its way to the patented heat exchange. This extracts water out through condensation and processes it through a multi-level filtration system that includes UV light. Then stores it in a reservoir. Use the water through a tap or remove the entire reservoir.

Watergen lists average power consumption at 350 watts, peak consumption at 480 watts, and noise level at less than or equal to 52 dBA. Watergen says that the Mobile Box can produce up to 20 liters of water per day. This amount matches perfectly with many 20-L (5-gal) jerry cans that campers use to  transport water.

The removable internal water tank should presumably be easy enough to dump into a separate storage container to free it up for more freshwater production. It could be built into a trailer or fifth wheel with an air intake on the roof.  Find more info at https://us.watergen.com/

Another option, the EW 5 by Eshara Water fits conveniently on a countertop, designed for indoor personal use.


Perfect for the RVing lifestyle:

  • Generates 5 liters of water per day
  • Patented Alpha Air Flow increases energy efficiency by 30%
  • Eshara Water Filtration system with added UV purification
  • Water is served chilled or at room temperature
  • Stainless steel dispensing nozzle
  • Sleek, high spec finish
  • Plug and play using electric power (maybe 12-Volt?)

Find more info at https://esharawater.com/products/ew-5/

Party with the Escapees January and February

Escapees Quartzsite Happy Hour – Party on Plomosa

January 19, 2022 @ 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM MST

Boondocking Location: Quartzsite, AZ – Approx. 3 miles East on Plomosa Rd. Ask anyone in town for directions.

The “New” Escapees Quartzsite Happy Hour – Party on Plomosa in Quartzsite Arizona, is known for being the largest gathering of RVers in the world. It brings the RVing community together from far and wide. And of course, when there are hundreds of thousands of RVers, you can bet an Escapee is not far. This year, we look forward to welcoming all Escapees groups, members, and fellow RVers. Find out all the details at https://www.escapees.com/event/escapees-quartzsite-happy-hour-party-on-plomosa/

February 4-6 in 2022
RVers Boot Camp held at Escapees North Ranch, Congress, AZ

This includes all training, flash drive with all handouts, RVer’s Ultimate Survival Guide, breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning, and dinner on Saturday evening. RV parking is available on site at additional cost. Additional optional services, such as RV driver training and RV rig weighing, is available at additional cost.

Register in advance for Boot Camp by calling the registration hotline at 936-755-1060. There are only a limited number of seats available, so don’t delay! For details: https://www.escapees.com/event/rvers-boot-camp-escapees-north-ranch-congress-az/

Sorry, the Winter Blast at Lake Havasu, AZ and the Baja Mexico Hangout are both sold out. For more information, check with Escapees.com for details.

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