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Thoughts for the New Year

Help for the Cold Weather Traveler

AirSkirts? You mean something to block the cold air from blowing through the thin floor of your RV.  Yes, that is exactly what I mean. For travelers?

If you are a cold country traveler in the winter or a “stay put” owner of an RV in a cold climate, AirShirts may be a good option for you. They are an expensive investment but should last for years. The set includes an electric air pump along with the AirSkirts. Better than vinyl skirts or Styrofoam, especially for the traveler. Takes 30 minutes to setup according to the manufacturer.

Each kit is pre-configured to fit your RV. They only need to know your RV’s manufacturer stated length (this includes your bumper, hitch, and fifth wheel neck) and how high your RV sits off the ground (ground clearance) to get you the right kit.

AirSkirts guarantees the kit will fit your RV – every order is reviewed by an AirSkirts engineer prior to shipment. If needed, they may change the tube configuration for your RV at no additional cost.

Airstream owners really love these AirSkirts since they have few sharp edges under the rig to injure the airbags. Other makes and models may not be a good fit. Check out the links included here.

AirSkirts https://www.airskirts.com

Youtube Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWrnNu0L4tY

Skilled Income for the Workamper

Does the opportunity of traveling in your RV full-time improve with the prospect of a high-paying income? If you have a mechanical background, here is an option to investigate: refrigeration repair. If your rig is not brand new equipped with a DC compressor refrigerator, you already understand the problem with the absorption type provided with your rig. The RV absorption refrigerator design originated in the 1930s and has not improved with age.

This is an industry that is sorely lacking in experienced repairpersons. The individual income is above average at about $150 per hour. It is perfect for the RVer working out of their rig. Throw up a sign on the bulletin board of the RV park and watch the action build.

Finding a repairperson for absorption refrigerators is rare, making this a natural for the workcamper. The RV absorption refrigerator problems are built-in to the design making reliability a problem. RV dealers usually recommend replacing them because it is easy for them to do without having to hire a hard-to-find refrigeration repairperson.

Another issue may be the location inside of the RV. If the current unit is built into the woodwork, extensive and expensive repairs may have to be completed. Finding the exact size to fit in that spot the old refrigerator vacated is difficult to impossible. In these circumstances, rebuild options  for the old case are available.

Ford RV Refrigeration Training Center is one of the best training options available for this profession. They are now offering a full year of access to all their DIY Dometic and/or Norcold Refrigerator repair videos for only $25. Look on their website for other training options. Online training coming soon!

Ford Refrigeration Training Center:  https://rvrefrigeration.com

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