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Who Are the RVers of Today?


  • RVIA Afermarket Survey
  • The People Story: Escapees Survey Results
  • Camping World Important Update – Is Bankruptcy coming?

RVIA Aftermarket Survey

RV lifestyleThe RV industry as a whole moved into a medium-sized panic as sales dropped 4% (according to their data) in 2018 with a projected drop of 14% in 2019. (Industry stock prices also dropped into the basement.) RVIA, the industry lobby group that represents manufacturers and suppliers, decided it was time to find out who the buyers are and what motivates them to buy. The resulting survey was published to all their members hoping to pump up their enthusiasm for the coming downturn and rush to make changes to limit the effect. Here is my summary of their Aftermarket Survey:

  • Younger owners make a dozen purchases to the average age owner’s six purchases. These younger owners also do their product research online and buy quality over price.
  • Buyers want their items to be available right now and willing to pay for it; especially new RV purchasers and those under 45 years of age.
  • Promotional ads bring in the local buyers but a percentage of these leave unhappy with the lack of choices.
  • Online shoppers (3 out of 10) only rate technical assistance as good, fair or poor.
  • Overall, buyers like to shop and physically interact with salespeople and merchandise.

The survey analyst was surprised to find that the younger and newer RV owners are twice as likely to run out to the local shop to buy. The object here, of course, is to promote the idea that RV dealers and parts stores should carry more stock on-hand. RV dealers are already so overstocked with new units it could take years to sell down their inventory. Nowhere is it mentioned that the downturn could be about current owners sharing online (and at RV rallies) the lack of support from the industry when it is time to take care of the manufacturers carelessness or the suppliers lack of quality control. The current industry trend to change Lemon Laws allowing RV dealers to back away from their responsibilities is a case in point. This may contribute to the lack of enthusiasm by buyers to purchase new RVs.

The Industry’s Rational for Growth

  • RVs support a balanced and active lifestyle
  • RV ownership and travel is a great value
  • RVs have uses as diverse as the people who own them
  • Shorter trips closer to home are common to save money on gas
  • IRS tax deduction if working on the road or as a second home
  • RV manufacturers are offering innovative new products that offer an optimal mix of size, amenities and price for today’s budget-conscious consumers
  • Lifestyle trends continue to spur demand for RVs
  • Go RVing ads build demand (paid for by RVIA)

Want more details?

The People Story

Escapees ClubEscapees RV Club circulated a census among the RVing community, garnering the feedback of nearly 7800 RVers. Open for five months from November 30, 2018 to April 12, 2019, the census included input from a wide variety of RV owners. The following results are based on the information shared by those who completed the survey.

  • Type of RV:
    • 38% Class A
    • 4% Class B
    • 12% Class C
    • 28% Fifth Wheel
    • 15% Travel Trailer
    • 1% Truck Camper
    • .6% Bus
  • Age related:
    • 57% admitted to being 65 years of age or more
    • 43% under 65, the usual age of retirement.
  • Travel Time:
    • 61% stay in one spot for less than 2 weeks at a time.
    • 40% travel 5,000-10,000 miles per year
    • 15% travel 100,000 miles per year
  • Years RVing:
    • 36% 15+ years
    • 48% travel full-time
  • Travel Where:
    • 60% spend at least half of the year traveling outside of their home state or state of domicile
  • Work on the Road:
    • 25% work while on the road
    • 58% work remotely at least part-time
  • Household:
    • 76% two opposite sex travelers
    • 16% solo
    • 3% travel with children
    • 2% travel with a same-sex companion.
  • Pets:
    • 56% travel with a pet, including dogs, cats, reptiles, hamsters, and birds
  • Camp Choices:
    • Private campgrounds, state and national parks, and public lands.

Since 1978, Escapees has been the leader in educating people about the RVing lifestyle and fostering a community among RVers. One of the community-focused clubs who actively fight for the rights of all RVers. For more information on the Escapees RV Club and their excellent mail service, or to join, click here.

Camping World (CW) Important Update

There are increasing rumors that Camping World is moving into bankruptcy. With over 1 billion in debt, numerous law suits pending and the acquisition of Gander Mountain during its bout with bankruptcy, the pundits are predicting the worst –  bankruptcy for Camping World. Even with record profits, the ratio of equity to debt is mind-bending.

Camping World’s reputation really hit the skids when they starting selling Extended Service Plans (ESP) for outrageous sums and rolling it into the loan.

You probably paid too much for your Camping World ESP, so before it becomes useless, file this paperwork and get a pro-rated refund. Download a PDF file that walks you through the process.

Take the refund and find a reputable dealer to purchase an Extended Service Program that works for you at about half the cost.

You can do the research yourself, starting with https://rvmiles.com/is-camping-world-going-bankrupt/

YouTube: The RV Show

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