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The RV Lifestyle – Behind the Scenes

Even though the RV industry is starting to hear the customer’s outcry, it may be a few years before quality control issues begin to disappear. Currently, the quality control in new RVs coming off the assembly line is unacceptable. In the industry as a whole, even used RVs must be purchased with care.

It is difficult to ferret out information sites that are not dominated by the RV industry’s promotion machine. When researching RV information online, check each website’s About Us  page to make sure it is not one of the RV industry’s lobby sites. Normally these industry sites list the usual high-volume selling brands without pointing out any quality problems. We are in a serious “Buyers Beware” era due to the rush to the bottom-line mentality of RV manufacturers.

Avoid These Websites

Avoid theses Industry websites if you want real information on quality brands. These sites offer industry standard propaganda (or “fake news” in the current social language).

  • GoRVing.com
  • RVLife.com
  • Outdoorsy.com
  • Roamingtimes.com
  • RVroadtrip.us
  • Ranker.com
  • RVingplanet.com
  • Rainyadventures.com
  • Outdoorzer.com
  • Trails.com
  • RetirementLiving.com

RV Websites to Explore

Brands to Avoid

This website lists the following brands to avoid and a few examples of why you should:

  • Coachmen
  • Gulfstream
  • Forest river
  • Winnebago
  • Fleetwood
  • Hurricane

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Important Websites or Blogs

Current Manufacturers Recalls and Remedies

RV Travel

RV Travel.com keeps you up-to-date on RV manufacturer recalls and other important issues about the lifestyle. To get started, browse the list that details all the manufacturers with the highest number of recalls (monthly).

RV Travel offers an ever-expanding list of resources where you can report, share or discuss your problems with RV manufacturers or dealers. Send any suggestions to chuck@rvtravel.com.

Practical Information

Here are a few links to practical information that helps you process what you need to know about buying any RV before writing that check:

RV Manufacturers

The RV industry tries to keep the dark side of their business away from the buying public. Fortunately, a few brave souls step up to the plate to offer information the new buyer needs to make the wise choice with their first RV.

What You Need to Know About RV Manufacturing Rip-Offs  by Sondra Rochelle

“Clearly, taking the time to learn as much as possible about an RV and its manufacturer is the only way you can protect yourself. Once you make your purchase, the coach and any applicable problems are yours, for better or for worse.”

To reinforce the point, here are a few sites to visit:

Facebook Group RV Horror Stories


Here are a few examples.

Just replace fleetwood-rv or heartland-rv with your brand.

If you want to take direct action, send your complaints to one of the industry leaders.

Influential RV Industry Leaders’ Contact Information

Frank Hugelmeyer
President, RV Industry Association

Kevin Broom
Director of Media Relations
RV Industry Association

Bob Wheeler
Co-Chairman, Go RVing Coalition
President/CEO Airstream, Inc.

James Ashurst
Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing
RV Industry Association

Dan Pearson
Co-Chairman, Go RVing Coalition
PleasureLand RV Center, Inc.

Reasons Not to Buy an RV

Let’s explore an area of thought that may bring a rain of heart-breaking comments upon my head. With RV manufacturing quality so low and prices so high, maybe now is not the right time to make a move to the RV lifestyle. Waiting even one year might change the odds when buying new. Class C and B+ German imports are moving into the USA market and within a year or two, these RVs flow into the used marketplace. These imports are high-quality that meet European standards, including a few adjustments for driving on our roads.

Here is another great article by Sondra Rochelle that anyone considering the RV lifestyle should read. This down-to-earth summary may burst the illusion bubble for some, but it contains elements of the lifestyle that are real and every day concerns.

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Never Buy an RV

  • All RVs Are Expensive to Own and Travel In
  • RVing Is Not for Those in Poor Health
  • Owning a Coach Is Hard Work
  • Injuries Happen Often
  • Driving Hazards Are Plentiful
  • Buying RVs Carries Big Risks
  • Buying Mistakes Can Cost You a Small Fortune

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RV Lemon Law (or lack of)

Watch a video about the Lemon Law and RVs.

Recalls - MovingOnWithMargo.com

Browse the RV manufacturers’ current recall list.


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