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The New Year – New Adventures

New PBS TV series “The RVers”

The RVers

Something new and exciting show to watch on PBS next year, a new television series called “The RVers.” This show features RV celebrity hosts taking an in-depth look at every aspect of the world of RVing.

“The RVers” series caters to Baby Boomers and retirees, as well as contemporary and new RVers. The show covers every kind of RV from the tiniest teardrops to the biggest fifth-wheels, and from the coolest camper vans to the most luxurious motorhomes.

This show already has a Facebook page with 9,000 followers. Some of the well-known RV lifestyle hosts are Cherie VeArd/Chris Dumphy of Technomadia fame, Anthony Nalli from The Aviators, and the RV Geeks, Peter Knize/John Sullivan. For fifth wheel fans, there is Big Truck Big RV host, JD, and for Class C fans, Eric Jacobs from Nomadic Fanatic.

Watch the Facebook page or check out the website, www.rvers.tv, for dates and times.

New RV Parks Opening in 2019

Cypress Trail, Ft. Myers, FL

RVers traveling to southwest Florida will soon have a couple of new RV resorts to consider.

Cypress Trail, Ft. Myers FL

Cypress Trail will offer residents and guests a large clubhouse with a catering kitchen and meeting room, two heated pools, a hot tub, tennis courts, bocce ball area and horseshoe pit. Two large lakes with a nature preserve and nature trails round out the offerings.

Sunkissed Village RV Resort, Summerfield, FL

Opening in the Fall of 2019 and located 5 minutes North of the Villages where there are restaurants, shopping and nightly entertainment. Orlando International Airport is only 70 minutes away.

How Does the New HUD Rule Affect You?

The RV Industry Association (RVIA) is a powerful lobby for RV manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. They have been petitioning the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for a clear ruling as to whether RVs actually fell under their jurisdiction. In other words, were RVs housing or just vehicles.

(Drum roll, please) In November of 2018, HUD released a final rule that exempts RVs from their regulation. The one regulation is that manufacturers must display a “Manufacturer’s Notice” indicating that the RV is designed for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy. The rule re-defines recreational vehicles as “factory-build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy.”

Why do Manufacturers Want This Ruling?

My guess is that they are afraid that the government might start making their designs subject to quality building regulations as the RV size increases. With all the complaints and recalls the past few years, there might be repercussions in the form of a HUD regulation. Now that fear is gone, and they can continue to manufacture junk without worrying about interference.

According to the November 19th article by RV Business:

“This rule gives RV manufacturers the critical regulatory clarity and certainty they have long sought. As long as they build to the nationally-recognized RV standards, the modern RVs they are building do not and will not fall under HUD’s jurisdiction.

The rule gives RV dealers additional critical regulatory clarity as the proper paperwork, forms and disclosures needed to provide during a sales transaction are based on the design intent of the RV.

The rule also aids RV campgrounds as the business license for RV parks and campgrounds only allows them to accommodate RVs, not manufactured homes. Under the proposed rule, they would be able to accommodate any unit that is certified to an RV standard without running afoul of local regulations.”

The only recourse is not to buy new RVs. When the consumer takes charge and sends a message causing a profit drop for the manufacturer, the quality increases to meet the demand. This works in all industries.

Here It Comes!

Some manufacturers are already denying any recall services if the customer is living in the rig full-time. If you buy a new RV, know that there can be some pitfalls with this new ruling. Make sure your insurance company is aware of your full-time status (or not) just in case there is fall out from this new ruling.

HUD Response: HUD respectfully disagrees with the various fundamental premises and conclusions of these commenters about secondary effects. Initially, as stated in this preamble, HUD is not regulating use of manufactured homes or RVs. More specifically, how individuals decide to use their manufactured home or RV unit after purchase—and, in some cases, after receiving a Manufacturer’s Notice about the unit’s compliance with RV standards—is beyond the scope of this final rule. The regulation of use and occupancy of RVs is the purview of state and local authorities, not HUD.

Read the complete ruling: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=HUD-2018-0094-0001

For more information, contact Mike Ochs (mochs@rvia.org) or Samatha Rocci (srocci@rvia.org).

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