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Learning About the RV Lifestyle

Like most new adventures, we need input to smooth out the road. For some reason when people start the RV lifestyle, they assume they already have all the information they need. After all, it is only a house on wheels, old technology.

After the first month or so, the light dawns. Wait, this toilet does not function like a regular household toilet and what about the black water tank. Am I supposed to leave it open all the time like in a house? Wooee, I guess not.

The refrigerator operates differently too, no automatic defrost, bummer. Why should I keep it level, what is that all about? Why is 12-volt DC battery power needed to keep it running?

What the? What happened to the hot water? A six-gallon tank, that’s it? Propane? You need that to make the oven work? And the furnace too?

Yes, life is full of inconveniences on the road. But the freedom and excitement is so worth it. Being able to pull into a lakeshore spot and not unpack, priceless.

All the information you need is at your fingertips. Make your RV experience memorable in a good way. It is a simple life and all under your control.

Ready to Take the Solo RV Journey

Traveling Solo

Traveling Solo in Your RV

The day is approaching when you are ready to let everything go and enter a new solo period of your life. You started researching RVs  and are just about ready to make a commitment. But wait, do you have enough information to make the right decision.

  • Safety on the Road
  • Basics of Buying an RV
  • Towing a Car
  • Dealing with the Repair Shop
  • Managing Power, AC & DC
  • Finding the Best RV Accommodations
  • Maintaining a Comfortable Lifestyle
  • Much more, Boondocking, Adding Solar, the Essential Tools, etc.

Learn Basic Maintenance

Motorhome Care & Maintenance

Following a few simple procedures in a timely manner can keep your older motorhome “looking new.” With these same procedures, your new motorhome keeps that “look” for many happy years.

Incorporating regular care and maintenance into your schedule can produce many carefree years with your motorhome. It is the simple self-maintenance that keeps your rig on the road.

  • Learn How the Refrigerator Works
  • Learn How the Hydraulic Levelers Work
  • Learn the basics of Roof Maintenance
  • Learn how to Maintain the Coach Batteries
  • Learn about Inverters and Whether You Need One
  • Much more, Hot Water Heater, Furnace, Generator

Just Thinking About Taking the RV Plunge?

The RV Lifestyle: A Dream Comes True


If you are still working and plan to retire in the near future with a dependable income, living the RV dream is an easy adjustment.

Too many financial responsibilities, fear that you won’t like living in a small box on wheels, worried about how your extended family could possi­bly survive without you, afraid of losing friends and feeling isolated, still have children in school…did I miss anything?

This book gives an overview of the lifestyle and buying that first RV. It also explains working on the road, homeschooling children, boondocking, and what it takes to equip an RV.

Can You Afford the RV Lifestyle?

How to Save Money While Enjoying the RV Lifestyle

Learn how to:

  • Buy an RV and Save Thousands
  • Earn Money on the Road
  • Maintain Your RV so Expenses are Low
  • Plan Trips and Travel Time to Save Money
  • Park Free
  • Much more about membership campgrounds and boondocking

How to Save Money While Enjoying the RV Lifestyle” presents many ways to save money while preserving the freedom, comfort and luxury of living on the road.

RV Maintenance for Travelers

Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance

Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers

Would you like to understand more about your RV?

  • How does the refrigerator work and why does it need to be level when in use?
  • How do the hydraulic levelers work and why do they need maintenance?
  • I need to flush the hot water heater, what is the best procedure?
  • What is the best practice to keep the septic system working properly?
  • What is an inverter and why do I need one?
  • What is involved in roof maintenance?
  • Why do I need to check the batteries every three months?
  • How do I keep the generator working properly?

You have heard many times, “take care of your vehicle and it takes care of you.” That type of care and maintenance is the focus of “Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers.” Also included are RV driving tips, cargo weight balance information, and seasonal storage tips.

The RV Lifestyle Works if You can Work

Working on the Road for Professionals and Just Fun-Loving Folks

Are you looking for a way to make the RV lifestyle work for you, but you still have career commitments?

Are you just tired of the 9-5 routine and want to have some fun while you are still young?

  • What communication options are available?
  • Can I connect to a VPN and use VoIP?
  • How do I get my postal mail?
  • Can I find Internet access for eMail?
  • Where can I find work?
  • Is it possible to maintain a comfortable lifestyle?
  • Can I bring my children with me?

What to do About Healthcare on the Road

Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle: Learn the Rules of the Medicare Game

If you are just turning 65, healthcare is a concern. 

Planning is an important part of getting ready to live life on the road as a full-time RVer. If you already have healthcare issues, or just want to cover all the bases for future need, “Healthcare and the RV Lifestyle” can fill in the blanks for you.

  • What does Medicare cover while you are on the road?
  • How do I find a doctor while away from my home?
  • How do I get postal mail and eMail?
  • What about medical records when I am traveling?
  • How do the HIPAA rules help me?
  • What does Medicare Part A and Part B cover?
  • What is Medigap?
  • I have heard about having dental work done in Mexico, is it okay?
  • What female issues are covered by Medicare?

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  • For Women Only: Traveling Solo,
  • For Women Only: Motorhome Care & Maintenance,
  • Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle

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Most questions you have about the RV lifestyle can be answered in one of the books shown here. If you need more information, visit RVLifestyleExperts.com. There are hundreds of pages of RV expertise available free for your review.