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Buying That First RV? Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Costly mistake #1: Choosing the wrong type of RV. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you love the rugged outdoor life or prefer the comfortable tourist pace? Have this discussion first.
  • Do not delay the discussion with yourself and/or your partner about driving fears. Make sure you drive every RV you tour to see if it fits your skills.
  • Travel preferences affect the type and brand of RV purchase. Is it your desire to travel frequently? OR…Do you prefer to take it slow and stay longer at each destination?
  • Don’t allow emotion to dictate a spur-of-the-moment purchase rather than a practical choice that works best for the long term.

Costly mistake #2: Purchasing an RV layout that does not work for you due to a lack of options in your local area. There are ways to purchase long-distance and have the RV shipped to you or pick it up yourself. Visit RV Lifestyle Experts for details.

Costly mistake #3: Deciding to go with a loan instead of a cash purchase without spending time to analyze the choices available (for example, buying a used RV instead of new).

Costly mistake #4: Allowing a dealer to talk you into a 20-year mortgage rather than providing your own loan arrangement (FYI: dealers make huge profits providing high-interest loans).

Costly mistake #5: Rushing into a deal without an independent RV pre-purchase inspection.

  • Although skipping an RV inspection prior to signing on the dotted line appears to be a money-saver, it is not.
  • The big savings start here when you negotiate with the dealer or owner to fix the problems found by the inspector (or perhaps reduce the purchase price if you have the skills to do the fixing).
  • Huge savings when you choose not to purchase an RV with major maintenance issues.
  • See the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA.org) for help finding an inspector.

Here is a less costly mistake: Remodeling the interior of the recently purchased used RV before spending 3 months traveling in it.

  • If you are new to the lifestyle, wait until you get settled in before making remodel decisions. You may find the previous owner with more travel experience had good reasons for the layout.
  • Renovations do not result in a higher resale value when you decide the layout just does not work.
  • AND finding quality remodel workmanship on the road takes time and patience and creates stress, just the opposite of your dream.

Here is my favorite poem for Independence Day, July 4th:

America, My Hometown

by Joseph P. Martino

“When I travel about this great nation,
I never cease to frown,
for wherever I seem to land and settle, I call

America, my hometown

When I cross the Golden Gate in Frisco Bay, the western States, the Rockies and great plains, my heart wells up with pride, from emotions felt deep inside,
and my tears become so hard to hide.

America, my hometown.

From the golden shores and shining cities of the west
and along the sandy shores,
towns and villages of the GARDEN STATE things still look simply great.

All through colonial New England and up to rugged coastline
of the great State of Maine,
our peoples’ quest and dreams of liberty and freedom
still remain the same.

For justice, freedom and liberty for all, still ring true today,
just as the liberty bell, in our founders’ yesterday.

America, my hometown.

Along the mighty Mississippi from Minneapolis to New Orleans,
our country’s morality and patriotic spirit is alive and well,
just as all our other great and noble dreams.

America, my hometown.

Our founders’ vision of liberty and freedom in our country still lives on today, throughout our nation in cities,
both large and small and along main street U.S.A.

As Lady Liberty stands ever vigilant atop her pedestal on the Bay
as our founding fathers dream of liberty and freedom
still live on, to this very day.”

America, my hometown.

God bless America!!!!