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New Ideas in RV Design

As more travelers move into the RV lifestyle, designers are inspired to create RVs that meet their needs; these are my favorites for now. It is about time new ideas brought the RV industry into the 21st Century. These are exciting times to be in the RV Lifestyle.

Life Home Villa

What a perfect example of an RV for those that want to drive small and live large. No doubt always the best view wherever they park. Starting at $413,00 with pop-out sides, the main floor expands to 215 square feet. The second-level extension opens to another 133 square feet. And yes, there is an elevator. The downside is you must reside in China, at least for right now. (see YouTube Video)

Outdoors RV Creek Side 21RD MS (Mountain Series)

Oregon is coming back to life again as an RV manufacturing center of quality-built RVs. Outdoors RV introduces its Creek Side model trailer with the boondocking RVer in mind. Some of the options turn this rig into a very comfortable 25-ft home.

With two 190-watt solar panels and provisions for extra ground-level portable solar input, a long stay next to your favorite pond could be happening. Taking 78 gallons of fresh water and 40 gallons each of grey and black water capacity says a lot for this off-the-grid rig. Many practical storage designs plus a proper shower with a tub makes this RV a winner in the trailer division.

It is heavy, so check out the towing requirements first before making a commitment. In my experience, to build quality into an RV weight is the tradeoff.

Polydrop Trailer -Designed for EV Towing


An all-electric zero-emission travel trailer that could travel with most vehicles including electric-driven ones. Battery-operated air conditioner, heater, fridge, induction cooktop, and much more with a 110V outlet. It gives you true freedom without the shore power in all kinds of weather.

P17A’s interior design gives you a secure feel when all doors are closed. Promoted as a mobile hotel room, the warm LED lighting makes it feel even more comfortable.

Designed to be towed behind an electric-driven vehicle, this 13.6-foot trailer uses aluminum skin to optimize weight and layout. The trailer’s standard 2.4-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery gets integrated flatly into the heart of the aluminum frame, much like an EV skateboard chassis. This keeps weight as low and evenly distributed as possible.

The P17A starts at $24,990 for the base spec with 2.4-kWh battery, 260-watt solar charging and full HVAC system. A top model with 12-kWh and 520-W solar prices in at $33,790, while the kitchenette is available as an $1,850 add-on.

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