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Positive Approach to Recalls

Recalls can also show a responsible OEM

Jimm Hammill, the CEO of the North American Hymer Group, shares the need to communicate with American consumers that there is a positive side to RV recalls.

“The process of engineering complex items like RVs is one that is full of ups and downs. Recently we have heard online opinions on recall frequency possibly reflecting quality. If we use the example of loose parts or poor finishing, which we all experience, this is not necessarily a recall issue. It is a warranty issue. That’s quality. For sure. It happens. Not okay.

But, I thought a view from the manufacturer side might benefit people to understand why this is a good process, and why it matters to us so much.

The types of issues we have had over the years are usually unseen, supplier driven, or a design mistake. We then visit it quickly and push it to recall so our consumer and the general public do not experience a safety issue. We discuss these with the agencies involved — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Transport Canada.

But, there are types of issues that happen that are definitely quality issues that can cause potential issues for our owners and we don’t wish to have anybody harmed. For instance, Ken, a licensed propane fitter, comes to my office and shows me a propane fitting that is wrong.  His experienced eye says something is wrong.”

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Salute to Greg Gerber

Salute to Greg Gerber, editor, RV Daily Report Greg Gerber

Thank you Mr. Gerber for all the inside RV industry news that keeps us on our toes when dealing with the sales and maintenance companies that are inevitable in our RVing lifestyle.  Being an independent news source these days is not easy and usually expensive to survive.

I believe my readers are with me when we wish you the best in your off-the-road life. Here are a couple of excerpts from his post, “Gearing Up For A New Year of Change.”

“… a major RV manufacturer was successful in intimidating several of our advertisers to withdraw their financial support in 2017, despite having previously committed to an ad schedule. It will cause a short-term disruption, but should not pose a long-term issue.

One of the flaws in our business model is that we only have a very limited amount of ad space available in our newsletter and on our website. Demand for space usually outpaces supply, so we expect to replace those advertisers shortly. If you want details on advertising, email Pam Petersen at

Know this, those advertisers that remain are truly dedicated to supporting an independent media not controlled by corporations. Plus, they are steadfastly committed to product quality and improving the customer experience for everyone who owns recreation vehicles. They deserve the support of RV dealers and consumers alike.

After the Forest River story was published, I will say that I was deeply humbled by the numerous offers I had from people to fund a legal defense fund should legal action come to be.

I even spoke with an elected official from Indiana last week who read the story and relayed his own story about buying two defect-ridden RVs from Elkhart manufacturers and about how an RV dealer hired to fix his motorhome actually took the RV to a Notre Dame football game and burned out the slideout motor in the process. You can’t make this stuff up.

Still, we will make several changes to RV Daily Report to improve our cash flow for expected legal challenges from Forest River, an RV dealer upset that we linked to a story about a customer filing a lawsuit, and other firms that have threatened us in recent months. Ahh, the joys of owning a media company.”


“I met some incredible people along the way and learned a great deal about the industry, the market, its buyers and the lifestyle. That type of first-hand knowledge is impossible to duplicate without living the RV dream. The experience also gave me a very unique perspective on RVs and the lifestyle which I hope to relate to the industry so that needed changes can be made.”

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The Latest Recalls & More

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration List

    Mar 23, 2017 – FUEL SYSTEM, OTHER
    Mar 23, 2017 – FUEL SYSTEM, OTHER

Total Recalls to Date:

  • THOR (323)
  • FOREST RIVER (932)
  • WINNEBAGO (1156)
  • COACHMEN (628)
  • AIRSTREAM (312)
  • FLEETWOOD (1472)

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