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My enthusiasm for the RV lifestyle really shows when you read one of my books, or visit my blog and podcast. It is a lifestyle that brings out the best in people. My goal is to make the RV lifestyle seem friendly, interesting, adventurous, and safe, all at the same time. Take your family with you, or travel solo, it is there waiting. Spend your leisure time on the water, on the greens, on the dance floor, or watching the sunset ... maybe all in one day. Life is short — getting the maximum amount of satisfaction from it is the key. The RV lifestyle provides that vehicle for me. After retiring from a high-tech career, writing and publishing became my next life focus. Publishing over 20 books worldwide, I am moving on to the next focus of my life, blogs and podcasts helping to continue making your RV lifestyle flow smoothly. Margo Armstrong has owned and operated several businesses, authored many books, a newsletter, three websites, a blog , a podcast, and published numerous articles for other RV lifestyle resources. Her motto: Whatever your passion, do it on the road.

The Perfect Small RV

Hymer AKTIV – The Perfect Class B+

As a follow up to my post about the Hymer Group’s move into the American RV market, here is their latest creation, the AKTIV 1.0. It is only 19.7 feet long, but, oooh my, is it packed with technology, efficiency, and maneuverability.

Next to every 110V socket is a USB charger slot. Solar panels are connected to an original computer system that blends the solar with park hookups. Powered by a lithium battery and a 2000 W inverter charger and converter, this baby keeps you connected.

The little conveniences make your camping trip more enjoyable, and this RV is loaded. Sliding screens for the side and rear doors, built in pantry, fold-up sink and rotating toilet in the bathroom, storage in the floor, the list goes on. Watch the video mentioned below for the deluxe tour, it takes your breath away.

Less than a month after Roadtrek Motorhomes was sold to the Erwin Hymer Group North America, the company debuted the Aktiv at the New York International Auto Show.

FYI: This model is not built on the Mercedes chassis but the Ram Promaster. A review of the new Roadtrek E-Trek that is built on the Mercedes chassis follows below.

With production to start in mid-April at the company’s Kitchener Ontario, Canada factory, the almost 20-foot Aktiv is built on the Ram Promaster 2500 regular van chassis. Inside, it boasts an open aisle floor plan and comes equipped with a full galley, entertainment system, lots of interior storage and a spacious full wet bathroom with shower.

The Hymer Aktiv is designed to meet the needs of the outdoor adventurist, the weekend explorer and so much more.

It is sold through a new network of dealers across North America that the company hopes to announce in a few weeks. Suggested retail for the base model is $105,000 U.S. This includes double-pane windows and day+night blackout shades.

These must-have extras do add to the price:

  • solar panels (250 watts)
  • the VoltStart auto-start battery technology
  • EcoTrek 200 or 400 lithium power module pioneered by Roadtrek
  • a screen package for the passenger side door and rear cargo door

Don’t Miss this: For an excellent video walkthru, click here

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Aktiv 2.0, a longer length with more battery space and solar power.

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Roadtrek’s New RS E-Trek

The new RS E-Trek is built on the renowned Mercedes Sprinter chassis, incorporating the latest technology into Roadtrek’s best-selling RS platform. Using their latest approach to design, the van incorporates the latest engineering to provide campers and travelers with world class features, comfort, and style.

Roadtrek says pricing is forthcoming but it expected to start at about $122,000.

  • All electric, no propane or separate generator
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van (170 inch wheelbase),
  • Bluetec technology, and Bio-Diesel Fuel Capability
  • 240 Watt Solar charging
  • Induction Cooking Surface (magnetic instead of thermal)
  • EFOY Fuel Cell generator option
  • Engine generation using additional engine generator/alternator
  • 2500 Watt Inverter
  • Surge protection and Power monitoring
  • Optional Lithium Ion batteries
  • Run the engine 20 minutes a day to recharge.

The rest of the story including a walkthru video …

If you love the rugged wilderness areas, the RS XL E-Trek might be the RV for you, 24 feet and 4×4 capability. See the Youtube video here.

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