Own an RV – Perks & Challenges

Hidden RV Expenses

Before you walk into the RV rally or showroom, what do you really know about the RV lifestyle! The dealer or salesperson does not take the time to explain what happens when you take possession of a new (or even a used) recreational vehicle.

What expenses come out of your pocket while you are traveling down the road? You are thinking—diesel or regular gas, food for the refrigerator, reservations for the next RV stop, money for tourist attractions, and maybe…spring for a GPS app.

You are thinking of your favorite fishing lake, enjoying that first cold refreshment and dreaming of what tomorrow brings. Sleeping in your own bed, preparing your favorite meal, taking in the view of the lake from your outside chair, or even watching the sunset beside the roaring fire crowd out any other thoughts.

Practical things like insurance, both for the vehicle and you, the high cost of propane to run the stove and furnace, tire replacement, emergency towing costs and repairs, downtime expenses in the motel while waiting, and even the high cost of renting a space in the RV park or resort never crosses your mind.

Cheri Sicard’s article in RVTravel.com covers important details you need to know before marching onto the showroom lot looking for a deal. ”The Hidden Costs of RVing the Dealer Won’t Tell You About” may give you the extra information you need to buy your first, or even your second, RV and come away with a better long-term choice. Look past the glitter and surface appliances. Look for quality basics and long-term use.

Cheri’s article details RV maintenance, on-the-road expenses, necessary or highly desirable gizmos and gadgets, plus helpful insights on camping expenses.

I don’t mean for this article to be a big downer. I would not trade my RV time for anything. And the good news is there are always ways to save money if you are careful. But I do want new RVers to have a more realistic picture than what an RV dealer or the RVIA might have you believe.