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Spacious Skies Helps Fill the Void

A shout out to Ali and Eric Rasmussen who, when looking for an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity a couple of years ago, fell in love with the RV lifestyle. That opportunity turned into Spacious Skies, their new chain of RV parks. If Eric’s commercial real estate and capital market background meshes with Ali’s marketing skills, they are a powerful couple in a marketplace that benefits from the personal touch.


“Their current business model involves finding good, turnkey parks in desirable markets and then dialing up both the facilities and the service in order to bond guests to the brand as it grows.”

Putting together a great marketing idea, Spacious Skies teamed up with to allow campers to select from a wide range of rental RVs. They can either pick up the rental from RV owners in the traditional way, or have the RV delivered directly to a Spacious Skies campground. Spacious Skies also offers signature ”Riverside Retro” rental campers at some of their camping locations.

Currently find one of Spacious Skies RV parks in 10 locations: Alfred, ME; Abbot, ME; Henniker, NH; Austerlitz, NY; Boston, MA.; Hancock, NH; Luray, VA. Dorothy, NJ; Fayetteville, NC; and Monterey, TN.

We need more entrepreneurs like the Rasmussen’s dynamic duo to make the RV lifestyle run smoothly.

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California and Generator Emissions

Looking at 2024 or beyond, if you have plans to put a new RV in your future be aware that California Assembly Bill 1346 may affect a few of your decisions. Since California is a favorite traveling haunt for RVers, changes are coming.

“California Air Resources Board (CARB) was ordered by law to develop new rules that would reduce air pollutant emissions from ‘small engines’ to zero by 2024.”


The CARB agency targets small engines on equipment like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and weed eaters. Yes, even gas-powered pressure washers fall into this category. The most important small engine to us, of course, is our built-in or portable generators that make cooling and heating possible at least some of the year. Since this law applies to new and future sales, replacement of older generators may be in jeopardy.

Somehow this does not seem to be too big of a threat since we all have wheels. However, replacing an older generator at what could be bargain prices may be in the cards as RV parts dealers eliminate their inventory.

If everything goes as planned, 2024 is the year gas-powered generators are removed from the market in California (not their use), professional RV wash & wax detailers find quiet power-washing equipment, and landscaping companies create alternative quiet yard-tending devices. This sounds like a pleasant solution to the emissions issue.

Never fear, exempted are permanently mounted emergency generators as used by families and small businesses. Not sure how this plays out in the real world, so stay tuned.

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