Taking Pets on the Road

When thinking seriously about taking up the RV lifestyle, the topic of pets (if you have them) rates high on the discussion list.

  • Would it be okay to leave them in the RV when we went places they couldn’t go?
  • What if they barked the whole time?
  • What if there was a fire or the electricity went out causing the air conditioning to stop working?
  • Would they handle the driving okay?

According to several surveys taken over the past ten years among part-time and full-time RVers, 96% travel with dogs, 8% with cats. So, yes, they do adapt to the lifestyle.

The big issue with dog owners is the barking habit. You can get asked to leave an RV park or resort if this habit is not broken. The best way to deal with this is to solve the barking problem before you take the expensive plunge into the RV lifestyle.

In your current home where the dog is comfortable, experiment with several techniques available. Using a shock treatment seems a bit cruel, but the sonic gadgets seem to work well. The citronella bark collar appears to work on large dogs, they hate the smell.

Using a small spray bottle filled with water is a safe way to experiment. Spray it directly in the dog’s face each time the barking starts.

Perhaps the best solution I’ve seen is the BarxBuddy Trainer. It uses ultrasonic sound to distract and claims to calm any dog, even your neighbor’s.

Barx Buddy

Traveling with Dogs

Bring Fido

Read thousands of reviews on this website to sniff out the best pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions in all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Browse by category, popular city, or region.

  • Hotels
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Campgrounds
  • Restaurants
  • Dog Parks
  • Beaches
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Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Park


If your pets are coming along for the summer, the Waggin’ Tail Ranch RV Park in Pilot Park, Texas is one stop to check out. They provide full-fenced RV sites, a dog park with swimming pond, dog spa, doggy day care facility and the farm experience.

Traveling with Cats

The big issue with cats in the RV world is their need to prowl, especially at night. Cats can never be truly trained like dogs, so you might as well understand that from the beginning of your relationship. Dogs (and their owners) are not usually friendly to cats that casually stroll onto their RV site. My cat tended to carry that to an extreme by strolling through any open door. Mi Casa…

From Wheelit.us blog:

Most cats don’t like change and when we decided to move into the RV, we intentionally took a very slow, deliberate approach. Before we moved into the RV, we made sure the kitties had several cubby holes & hiding places, scratching poles, litter and rags/blankets with familiar smells. Then we chose to live stationary in the rig for almost 2 months before we started driving anywhere. This gave the kitties a chance to find their spots and make the rig their home before moving. I honestly feel this was a critical part of the adaptation process.

Litter box idea: Often people use the shower, but desperation often breeds creativity. How about an opening in the cabinet and floor right by the doorway so the cat could go down into the first compartment under the rig. The litter box is in there. The cat liked her hidey-hole, it was private and didn’t smell up the RV.

Social Media for Pets

Yes, it is finally here! A social media presence for your pet. Thank goodness it functions as an ID tag too. Pet Dwelling’s QR code pet tag is an ID tag, a jewelry charm, a pet cloud service, and a social media tool, all in one!

Workamping Resources
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Margo’s Book: Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers

Conquer The Road: RV Maintenance“This is a great book for beginning do-it-yourselfers (like myself). A lot of overview about basic things, so you know you are doing the right thing for yourself. It’s a guide more than a How-to book. But it includes proper procedures for many things like how to properly maintain and handle your sewer system, troubleshooting the water heater, refrigerator, furnace, etc. I feel more confident now that I know more about my RV.  A book worth getting!” … Amazon Customer

Would you like to understand more about your RV? Some questions answered in “Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers:”

  • How does the refrigerator work and why does it need to be level when in use?
  • How do hydraulic levelers work and why do they need maintenance?
  • I need to flush the hot water heater, what is the best procedure?
  • What is the best practice to keep the sewer system working properly?
  • What is an inverter and why do I need one?
    Don’t leave home without it!