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Getting ready to hit the road for the fall/winter RV season? Thinking about workcamping as a way to cut costs, create a small cash reserve or just stay busy? Check out my podcast, RV Lifestyle Expert, for a great overview about the workamping lifestyle. Find out the pros and cons before deciding on your first workamping adventure.

If trading labor for a full-hookup site works for you, there are hundreds of jobs open. This makes your financial planning easier if no money changes hands. Work the season then drive away to the next adventure, no strings attached.

Rather earn money and get a free RV site, use your accumulated skills to nail down one of these jobs. Prefer to get away from it all or work around lots of fun people, your choice. Maybe just host at a small lake and fish all season.

If you want to have a job waiting for you when you arrive, get to work creating that resume. It need not be formal with timeframes and job descriptions. Take some time to create a list of skills that are valuable to an RV park or resort manager, for instance, food handler, pastry chef, carpenter, electrician, truck driver, office computer skills, or home improvement expertise. There must be many skills in your background that apply. Couples split the time worked, so make sure both skills are included.

Experienced in equine care or spent a summer working on a ranch? Arizona is the place to workamp for you. Lots of opportunities there. Looking for a job with free golfing privileges, head for Bisbee, AZ. Want to work for a season on an alpaca ranch? How about at an animal sanctuary? Want to be a tour guide in a mine and museum? How about being a docent/host at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum? All these positions are available in Arizona for the 2021-22 season.

Want to try a clothes-optional experience, head to Florida with your light plumbing and electrical background. Live along the Swanee River in Northern Florida using your office skills.

Prefer the clean mountain air of the high Rockies, spend a season in Durango, Colorado. Maybe at a cabin resort at Lake John. The Rocky Mountain recreation area at 9800 feet has a job for you, all hours paid.

From Alabama to Wyoming, the world is waiting for you. Here are a few websites to visit that post workamping jobs.

Live, Work, Camp

Workamping jobs for RVers and educational courses for the lifestyle.

RV Camping Jobs

List of workamping jobs from Alabama to Wyoming.

Recreational Resource Management (RRM-CLM Services LLC)

This company manages 500 public federal, state and local land properties in 13 states. Currently looking for Camp Hosts.

Office Drift

The OfficeDrift™ is a for-profit and non-profit organization that operates on a pay-it-forward concept. They provide resources to entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and work campers traveling intercontinental in the U.S. and living an RV/Camping/Travel lifestyle. (Facebook Group)

Escapees RV Club

This free workamping job site is sponsored by the popular Escapees RV Club. Lot of job openings listed here.

This is the original workamping resource for RVers. There is a membership fee to read the job openings. This site also has jobinars, a daily hotline, resume services and more.

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If you are looking for more information about the RV lifestyle, visit and take a look at my 3-volume book, For Women Only: RV Lifestyle Collection 1. It includes three of my books in one eBook volume. This makes it easy to find the answers to your lifestyle questions.

The eBook contains full versions of:

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  • What is Boondocking and can you do it
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