Changing Times 2021

We see “Changing Times” show up in the headlines over the years, but 2021 certainly falls into that category. Those of us that travel the highways at least part of the year face brand new experiences. Our carefree lives are shuttled into a narrow lane.

RVers new to the lifestyle wonder what the heck happened. Oldtimers (not necessarily old age) are selling out and staying at home. Many travelers looking for a life on the road are rethinking that plan. Many feel cheated that they never got to experience the “good life.”

And so life goes, just as we get it all worked out to fit our needs, along comes the spider and sits down beside us. Maybe…with patience, tolerance, and understanding…and new rig designs…and….

With the new year comes promises of national infrastructure spending and global warming. Our country is on the move!.

How about new open space community parks with small numbers of RV parks built into each structure? Not only does it pay for the entire park but keeps a continuation of funds coming. This concept supplies non-college jobs, recreation, and tourism rolled into a delightful lifestyle. Live and work here too, no commute.

Visualize lots of boondocking spots with pay-for-use bath houses and free regional dumps in the West where desert land is turned into paradise. New RV parks springing up everywhere, and a redesign of old structures turned into cheap mobile parking spaces. Huge parking lots standing empty now could house great RV parks. Giant co-op of individual shops opens right next door in abandoned malls offering low-cost hand-made furniture, clothing and food. An international festival every weekend!

Imagine automated overnight parking for $15 just off the freeway. Drive in, insert your card, continue to your clean parking spot with plenty of water and electricity. Drive out the next morning, no waiting, no hassle. Business springs up around it to supply gas, simple mechanical repairs, homemade food, and wide parking.

In the West, this business model is already starting to grow. A money-making adventure managed by as little as two people, part-time. Small parks devoted to the traveling tribes, that’s the ticket. For an annual income, fill up those sites every night, almost 10 months out of the year. Visit for more insight on this adventure.

In the East, turnpike service plazas and rest stops in some states are trying to fill in the gap with automated overnight sites providing electricity, some with dumps. East coast travelers may never reach that western nirvana, but from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, there is plenty of room.

RVing in Europe may have been slow taking off, but they rose to the surface with some great ideas. With a little logic and foresight, Europe acknowledges that one of the advantages of an unstable world is a great mobile lifestyle. Check the app to see what Europe is offering to RVers.

Right now the public response to building new RV parks is not as accepting as it will be in the next few years. Climate change is going to create a new beginning for all of us. Let’s break our thinking habits and plan ahead for this one. Keep in mind, more national health threats are coming as the weather changes everything.

Internet Alert

Jumping on the ‘net used to be safe and reliable for the most part. Today’s internet world has jumped to hyperspace. Every legitimate website you search must have [at the bottom of the home page] the person, company or corporation name and address responsible for the content. This alert comes on the heels of the biggest internet hijack in history. Not only has our government caretakers failed us but Google, Microsoft and Amazon too. It is up to you now to protect yourself. Check national news programs for current details. Pay attention, folks.

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