Save Haven: Buy or Rent

This is a discussion most Boomer full-timers have after their first year on the road. They love the travel to new locations but feel the cultural pull toward owning a plot of land. Looking down the road in time, when and where to hang up the keys is often on their minds. He misses his workshop, she misses the sewing room and community connections. From the conversations overheard at RV get-togethers, most plan to head back to their origins for those last years.

The younger generations, however, find new horizons to explore. A relatively new trend in recent years is to venture out to the sea in the summer and huddle in their land yachts in the winter exploring the sun belt.

Buy Deeded Lot

Those who buy their own property know they can travel during the summer or winter but always have a place for their RV when they return. With commercial and national parks filling up early in the year now, this makes having a home base more attractive.

Most of the RV parks with individually-owned lots also have a homeowners association. This group controls what can be constructed on the property and sets other rules. Keep this in mind if you are a “no rules” kind of RVer.

Lot owners may choose to rent their property to another RVer while they are gone which does supplement income. It may, however, cost you a monthly stipend to hire someone to take care of lot maintenance while you are away. If you also have to hire someone to handle the rentals, better plan to buy in a high-rent district.

Here are a few examples to explore:

Cleveland, GA

Blue Cypress Florida

Rent Lot

If you prefer to stay away from HOA fees, most utility bills, personal property and real estate taxes, plus everything that goes with that, renting may be the best choice. It leaves cash in the pocket to spend on fun adventures, and more importantly, freedom to move on when the surroundings get boring. When it is time to stop traveling, trade in the motorhome for a fifth wheel. Find a spot you like and park it. You can still move with the seasons by hiring a commercial concierge to hook you up and move down the block or across the nation.

Pay a little or “laissez les bons temps rouler” (let the good times roll). Park for years, a few months, or everything in between. If the rates increases beyond the value you place on the site, move on. If the politics, the management, or the scorned wife or husband gets to be uncomfortable, hit the road.

Annual rates in most resorts are very reasonable compared to daily, weekly or monthly rates. Join a membership park system that allows you to revert to annual rates when you are ready. Continue your life of freedom without compromise, nothing is permanent these days anyway.

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