Relax and Let Go

Relax and let the Fear Go

As travelers, staying in one place when we want to move on is very stressful. You find your body tensing up just from the thought of being trapped in one place. Yes, we know it is necessary, yes, we know everyone else is in the same position, but the emotions rule after the first couple of weeks. … Relax and let the fear go . . .

With all the expectations and projections coming from TV, radio, and podcasts, our bodies are naturally reacting to the stress. Our sleep is restless, our muscles twitching, our minds swirling with doubts. It is common for panic attacks to erupt when we look around and see our reality not matching our travel plans. . . . Relax and let the fear go . . .

Ok everyone, take a deep breath through the nose pushing our abdomen out and up to our chest to open our lungs. Hold that breath for the count of 1-2, then exhale slowly through the mouth, pushing the breath all the way out. Now do it again…and one more time. I’ll wait. Third time is a charm, as the saying goes.

Mindfulness is the popular term for this breathing process that is the topic of this post. Your body falls naturally into this rhythm during sleep, especially during the delta phase below dreaming where healing takes place.

This simple act of deep breathing chases the anxiety away. After three repetitions, you feel the tension flow down the spine and out to the ether. Don’t worry if you can’t get the breath to the lungs, go as far as you can. Hold for two, exhale slowly. Usually 3 repetitions are all it takes to feel anxiety recede into the background.

Yes, our current challenge in the age of coronavirus is to learn patience and develop new skills that incorporates washing hands and wearing masks. It also requires slowing down and learning how to communicate with others, perhaps using sign language.

Whether we are in a holding position on the road or a stay-at-home residence waiting, anxiety stalks us. Even if we don’t check in with the news stations daily, anxiety finds us.

The RVing lifestyle is as much a state of mind as a reality for most of us. Planning our next trip is always in the front of our consciousness. This lifestyle also depends on keeping our sanity as well as our health.

One of the upsides of humans taking this short break is how quickly skies cleared of smog worldwide. Nature is taking hold again in the forests and seas. This can be our future if we stay focused and keep pushing the environmental projects. The RV lifestyle is dependent on nature recovering and how quickly this happens is truly amazing to me. Enjoy this and look online for more.

Clear skies over LA
Clear Skies over Los Angeles April 26, 2020

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