Bad News & Good News

Bad News: More Environmental Protection Rollbacks

One segment of the population that should be politically and environmentally linked to the preservation and restoration of this planet is the recreation industry, RV lobby groups and you as active RVers. We spend more time living with the damage done to our air, land and water than any other consumer group.

We the People as RVers travel to destinations that still offer great fishing waters and adventurous off-road excitement, spending billions of dollars along the way. Our opinions should matter more than any industry’s need to fill the bottom line. The financial support we contribute also adds jobs to rural communities that might otherwise disappear.

One year ago, my blog outlined the 78 environmental protection rollbacks since 2017. Read this blog post HERE.  This segment in today’s blog is an update on the current administration’s attack (now 95 rollbacks) on our playground:

In September 2019, the Trump administration repealed the Clean Water Rule. It is legal now for manufacturing to once again dump toxic waste into our rivers, streams and lakes. The administration has called for more drilling in national parks and announced plans to open up more federal land for energy development.

The USA is the biggest producer of crude oil in the world but still has to import 9 million barrels per day to handle our domestic demands. In September 2019, the current administration completed plans for opening the entire coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for gas and oil.

By the time our national switch to electric vehicles happens, Alaska’s beautiful landscape will be destroyed for us as RVers. Add climate change to the mix, and you may as well scratch Alaska off your travel list.

In 2018, the Department of the Interior announced plans to allow drilling in nearly all U.S. waters, the largest expansion of offshore oil and gas leasing ever proposed.

Current appointments to key agencies dealing in energy and environmental policy reflect Trump’s commitment to deregulation. USA history shows that industry self-regulation never works for We the People.

Contact your senator if you care enough to make a difference.

Good News: Bright Future for USA Quality-built RVs

On a brighter note for the future, Thor Industries, Inc. announced the formation of Hymer USA, a new subsidiary focused on producing and marketing RVs using European manufacturing practices, automation and control standards, a first for the North American RV industry.

You remember this beautifully designed motorhome that created an uproar at the major RV shows across the country, Hymer Vision Venture. I featured it in several blog posts before and after Thor Industries announced the acquisition.

Hymer USA will be based in Bristol, Indiana, with initial product availability expected in the fourth quarter of 2020.

“We anticipate significant benefits in working together with our German team, learning from each other and ultimately offering unique products to provide years of enjoyable experiences for our customers,” said Bob Martin, President and CEO of Thor Industries.

“As we begin to leverage the combined talent of our companies and share best practices across the globe, we are more optimistic than ever about the future.”

Employees in key product development roles and with specific European manufacturing expertise will relocate from Germany to Bristol to allow Hymer USA to replicate its manufacturing process in collaboration with Thor’s American workforce.

“Hymer USA will feature a very different way of manufacturing not currently seen in the North American RV industry, including automated processes that will be implemented throughout design and assembly,” Senior Vice-President Troy James said.

“Products will benefit from the world-leading quality standards set by EHG and our new work environment will feature highly skilled team members collaborating directly with employees from EHG’s European operations while incorporating the speed to market for which THOR is well-regarded.”

Read past blog post about Hymer Vision Venture HERE.

New! Condo-on-Wheels Luxury Home Under $30,000

With uncertainty stalking our lives today, owning your own home belongs at the top of the list of good living. No matter what age bracket you fall into right now (Millennial, Gen X, or Boomer), owning your own home brings a sense of security and peace into your life.

Looking for a home that fits into your ever-changing plans? Unsure of what the future holds for you? “Condo-on-Wheels, Luxury RV Homes Under $30,000” presents a mobile choice.

Worried how climate change may disrupt your life? Spend sleepless nights trying to reach a decision whether to buy or keep renting?

Conservation groups encourage you to buy small, energy-efficient homes. They applaud the condo-on-wheels home approach to saving the world. This form of living is easy to turn green.

Job insecurity demands changing jobs, often far from familiar territory. Because of the hassle of buying and selling property, a new class of mobile homeowners was created. RV manufacturers saw the trend and started building a quality home on wheels.

“Condo-on-Wheels” introduces a little-known housing choice that offers a luxury home for under $30,000. These high-quality homes are designed to last for many years with beautiful cabinetry, plush carpeting, and completely furnished.

Learn all the details in this book.

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