Escape from Mainstream Media

Are you angry with the leaders of social media and their irresponsible attitude? Is your calm, stress-free RV lifestyle disrupted? Would you like to remove yourself (along with your valuable, sought after information) from this turmoil?

Here’s a guide to breaking up with Facebook and its photo-sharing app for good:

Step 1: Assess what you might lose from deleting your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Step 2: Download your data from Facebook.

Step 3: Hit the delete button.

Step 4: Resist getting back together.

Step 5: Delete Instagram.

Step 6: Ensure there is no tracking

Important: Sign out of all accounts that you signed in with using Facebook. Then join again, if desired, using another email/password.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to accomplish this feat. Give yourself a few hours, and maybe a cup or two of caffeine, but it can be done.

RV-Centered Social Media

Here are a few websites that are safe to join. They invite RV-oriented people to join their fun and comradery: – Sign up for free and join the thousands of Groups that gather to chat about their interests. Annual rallies and local get-togethers too. – This Escapees forum covers all the information RVers want to know plus buy/sell ads too. – Just about every RV-related question is answered on this site. There is no tracking or collection of data here.