A Look Into the Future

The European RV Manufacturers are setting up the industry on that side of the pond to revolutionize the way we travel. It could change other hospitality industries along with it. Change is happening ever so quick and shows no signs of slowing.

Climate disruptions are changing the landscape and relocating millions of people. The unknown stares us in the face every day. If you are mobile, how better to flow with these changes. People are starting to grasp that idea and running with it. The RV shows in Germany, Spain and the UK are introducing solutions to many of the problems facing a mobile economy.

See the September 2019 blog post for more information.

As usual, we are far behind the European understanding of change. When you spend the last 100+ years fighting for survival as witnessed on the European continent, the fact that changes happen, often suddenly, is not foreign to them. Universal cell phone coverage is the norm in most of the western countries with better phones and cheaper rates than in the USA.

Their current emphasis is on energy-independent transportation from the lowly delivery truck to the executive limo. Although self-driving vehicles are not on the top of that continent’s list (as they are here), most vehicle manufacturers are certainly exploring that reality.

In their RV industry, quality is expected by the customer, so they get it. Buying low-quality cheap goods is pretty much a USA phenomenon as Europe shakes it head when they read the USA manufacturer recall reports. Here in the USA, as everywhere in the modern world, the consumer is directly responsible for the quality we get.

Today, thousands of information points on the Internet, millions of printed books, and hundreds of podcasts are sharing the RV lifestyle. Perhaps there is just too much information to digest, so it is easier to share the love story than the life story.

The fact that RV sales are down may be an indicator that Americans are starting to get the message. With a few USA RV manufacturers buying up European companies, this may indicate that we are getting that message across. We want quality, at last.

With the “RV dream” becoming a reality for many citizens, once on the road the low-quality rig destroys this. Disappointment, sadness, bitterness, and rage is boiling up. Those of us in the information distribution business are sometimes criticized for bursting the bubble. Instead of seeking out the practical facts about the RV lifestyle, they bought the romantic dream instead.

The American buyer is now saddled with a crushing realization. It brings to mind the old joke that seems to be circulating these days about “putting lipstick on the pig.”

We need to resist the temptation to accept what is presented as the only option. It always requires some sacrifice on our part, some time or money to implement, but usually results in a better-quality life. The only thing that changes a large, rigid corporation or institution is an attack on their bottom line. Make sure that pre-purchase inspection gets done and be willing to walk away if necessary.

It also requires some patience on our part to stand firm. If instant gratification is our only goal, expect life to deteriorate along with our privacy, our self-respect, and possibly our democracy.

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