Environmental Rules on the Way Out

78 Total Rollbacks

If there is a one particular segment of the population that should be politically and environmentally linked to the preservation and restoration of this planet, it is the Recreation industry, and RVers. We spend more time living with the damage already done to our air, land and water that any other consumer group. Since most RV travel is to destinations that provide fishing waters and off-road excitement, our opinions should matter more than industry’s claim to fill the bottom line.

Although the media has exposed many antics of the current administration, little attention has been paid to serious setbacks orchestrated by cabinet appointees. In some cases, the administration has failed to provide a strong legal argument in favor of proposed changes or agencies have skipped key steps in the rulemaking process, like notifying the public and asking for comment.

President Trump has made eliminating Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations a priority. While he has been distracting us with his own brand of theater, his appointees have been working overtime to dismantle the EPA. The problem here is that while some protection rules may not be practical (economical), this protection is directed to help and even save lives of humans and other beings on this planet. We have seen the results when corporations are left to regulate themselves.

Rollbacks Since 2017

Air Pollution & Emissions (21)

  • Rollbacks Completed – 9
  • Rollbacks in Progress – 12

Drilling & Extraction (16)

  • Rollbacks Completed – 10
  • Rollbacks in Progress – 6

Infrastructure & Planning (12)

  • Rollbacks Completed -11
  • Rollbacks in Progress – 1

Animals (9)

  • Rollbacks Completed – 7
  • Rollbacks in Progress – 2

Toxic Substances & Safety (6)

  • Rollbacks Completed – 3
  • Rollbacks in Progress – 3

Water Pollution (6)

  • Rollbacks Completed – 4
  • Rollbacks in Progress – 2

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A Running List of how President Trump is Changing Environmental Policy


3 Environmental Regulations Scott Pruitt has Been Dismantling


What’s at Stake and What You Can Do

Scott Pruitt might be out at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but the fight to stop the Trump administration’s all-out assault on our environment and health isn’t over.



As scary as these changes look from afar, they can all be undone in 2020 with very little effort by a new EPA head. There are many law suits pending right now against the EPA to keep the most disastrous rollbacks from actually taking place.

“The silver lining with Pruitt is that his incompetence has helped mobilize a backlash against his agenda,” says Jeremy Symons, the Environmental Defense Fund’s vice president for political affairs. “We’re very optimistic that most of what he’s started won’t get finished.”

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