Is Our Internet About to be Shut Down?

Part 1

The Net Neutrality Issue

The worst way to defend our freedom is to let our leaders start taking away our freedoms! It is exactly during times like these [a national crisis] that we need more freedom of speech, a strong and critical press, and a citizenry that is not afraid to stand up and say that the emperor has no clothes. ~Michael Moore, Stupid White Men

Two-tier Internet




Net Neutrality! The biggest panic to happen since the ObamaCare crisis is upon us. On December 14, the FCC, led by the new chairman, Ajit Pai, is voting to reverse the Title II decision that has provided full access to the Internet to consumers and business alike.

On November 22, FCC Commissioner Clyburn published a letter on the FCC.Gov website expressing his view of the outcome of this reverse decision. Here is an excerpt:

“What does Chairman Pai’s proposal really do?

  • Increases uncertainty for consumers, ensuring that broadband providers could block or throttle at a whim.
  • Threatens innovation at the edge, by allowing broadband providers to charge tolls to access their customers.
  • Enables offerings that favor the vertically integrated broadband provider’s own content and services over those of consumers and innovators who rely on the Internet to grow their own businesses and stay informed.
  • Prevents states and localities from adopting any related consumer protections – an action that is likely unlawful.
  • Undoes the light-touch, court-approved Title II classification of broadband Internet access service that was modeled on the wildly-successful approach to mobile voice, and returns to an unregulated approach where broadband providers reign supreme and customers with complaints have no redress at the FCC.
  • Empowers a federal agency (the FTC) that has never enforced net neutrality protections to manage consumer complaints and ensures that there is no FCC recourse for wronged consumers or businesses.”

Download Commissioner Clyburn’s Fact Sheet (PDF) HERE.

The millions of people who spoke out in support of Net Neutrality the last time this issue raised its ugly head are fired up and ready to fight back — and you can join them here.

Find out how important this issue is to all Internet users and decide if you want to weigh in on the outcome. Stay with me for Parts 2 & 3. This is a huge issue that takes a few posts to supply enough information to understand it.

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