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The Gypsy Journal Speaks!

Posted by on September 6, 2013

If you have been RVing for a while you have at least heard about the Gypsy Journal, a beacon for RVers everywhere. Nick Russell, editor and chief, has been inspiring us for many years.

What inspired you to start the Gypsy Journal?

Gypsy JournalWe wanted to live and travel fulltime in an RV and were in our mid-40s so we still needed to make a living. I had owned several small town newspapers and it seemed a good fit to take my writing and publishing skills on the road.

Are you still sponsoring rallies?

For several years we put on two RV rallies a year for our subscribers. It became a fulltime job and took away from our other work and hampered our freedom to travel. So we have taken a break. I imagine we’ll come back and do something on a smaller scale down the road, but not as structured as before.

What inspired you to create the hero of your book series, “Big Lake”?

Sheriff Jim Weber is a composite of a couple of people I know. I wanted to create a main character who is flawed but still has a sense of honor and justice. Weber lets his temper get the best of him now and then, he is haunted by taking the life of a young murder suspect, and he carries a lot of guilt for his sister’s crimes. But overall he’s a good guy, and I like him.

Did your wife, Terry, get her cookbook published?

Not yet. I keep nagging her to let me assemble her recipes from the Gypsy Journal into a cookbook, but she is resisting because she doesn’t feel there is a market for it. I’m convinced she is wrong and I think it will go over gangbusters.

Is fulltiming still in the future for you?

We have no intention of hanging up the keys as long as we can live this wonderful lifestyle.

Do you have a workshop/lecture schedule this year?

Nothing solid right now. I have been asked to participate in a couple of self-publishing workshops in the fall, but we are devoting this year to traveling without a schedule as much as possible.

Are there any adventures left undone for you?

Nick RussellThe day one stops looking forward to the next adventure is the day we start to die. Our bucket list is a mile long and still growing. We have never taken a cruise and we want to do that. I have also been asked to put together a lecture or seminar series on travel or self-publishing for cruise ship passengers. That might be fun. And I want to rent a boat and spend a week or two fishing the Florida Keys. Terry wants to learn to scuba. Who has time to get old with so much left to do?

You can sign up for Nick Russell’s famous Gypsy Journal, read his blog or buy his novels: GypsyJournalRV.com E-Mail: editor@gypsyjournal.net

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