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The Hymer Starline

When Germany’s Erwin Hymer Group purchased the Canadian RV manufacturer, Roadtrek, it began a long awaited (by Americans) entry into the USA RV market. Hymer still has to line up a USA manufacturer to produce their beautiful and practical RVs here.

Hymer 1

When they shipped three of their RV models here for a large Florida RV show, the response was so overwhelming that it sparked a real surge to make it happen in the USA.

The sad news is that most of the models are small from the Class B+ to small Class C.

At 19-27 feet long and just short of 8 feet wide, Americans planning to travel full-time in an RV many not find a Hymer model that fills the bill.

But look at the standard features in most 22-26 foot models:

  • 22-inch LED flat-screen usually hidden from view
  • Electric roller blinds on front windscreen
  • Double floor with heating nozzles for the cooler climes
  • Double-glazed windows with shades – no valances
  • Mercedes Benz 190 HP 6-cylinder diesel engine (15 mpg average)
  • Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission
  • Mercedes-Benz rear-wheel drive (most with dual rear wheels)
  • 1 ton payload

There is no use of wood cabinetry in any of the models that I researched. It is all easy-to-care-for materials with wood-like colors and designs. There are also very few straight corners or edges, using small rounded designs seem the norm. The king-size bed is two separate mattresses set on its own sleep-springs design.

The combination of Mercedes-Benz chassis and engine power and the typical HYMER high-tech body design, GRP roof coating and floor plus multi-purpose double floor is the kind of quality Americans want in their recreational vehicle.

One feature that is found on almost all new RVs manufactured in Europe is a garage.

Hymer 2

Now…the garage concept is a love it or hate it decision. With room to store your motorcycle, bicycles, or scooter inside the coach, towing a trailer is unnecessary. On the other hand, it limits the interior space.

Hymer 3

The Hymer Group Press Release

“Europe’s largest RV builder, HYMER AG, is proceeding with plans to enter the U.S. recreational vehicle marketplace, based on the company’s own research and on the `awesome’ reception its European-built products received last week in a test-marketing display at the Florida RV Trade Association’s (FRVTA) 2013 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa.

Hymer would become the first foreign — in this case European – manufacturer to bridge the gap to the States in a substantial way.

While Hymer plans a gradual rollout of towable and motorized U.S. products – maybe two this year and two the next – the German firm is looking to finalize a joint venture manufacturing agreement with an American concern because the southern German company’s game plan does not include, with the exception of a few startup models, building inventory in Europe and shipping to the States.

So, joint venturing with a U.S. manufacturer is the only logical plan at this point for Hymer. Based on the feedback from the people here (in Tampa), we’ve already decided to start with two, probably three models which we will adapt to the American market, meeting 110 voltage, and we will adjust the gas to the American standard and we will ship over a couple of them so that we keep things moving so that we don’t have a (time) gap, let’s say, between this show and the expectations we have heard from the people coming here.”

Read more about Hymer HERE.

Available Now From Canada

Leisure Travel Vans 2017 Unity

This great design is from Triple E Leisure Travel Vans based in Canada. They changed their focus in 2015 and are now only manufacturing Class B+ vehicles following European styling. Beautiful features well designed for a Class B+.

Unity InteriorUnity Bathroom


  • Newest Van sold in the USA
  • Fiberglass sides, full paint (5 coats)
  • Under storage
  • 30 Amp Electric
  • Instant Hot water
  • Dual rear wheels
  • Fiberglass flex roof
  • Macerator pump option
  • Murphy bed
  • Solar panels

“An impressive feat of German Engineering, the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter Chassis is the perfect fit for the 2017 Unity by Leisure Travel Vans. And, with a 3L V6 BlueTEC diesel engine under the hood, you’ll enjoy a smooth yet powerful ride with class leading fuel economy estimated at 15-19MPG.” Starting at $122,000…with many options available.

Larger Version for Full-Time Travelers

From Vario Mobile Germany comes the “Perfect SH” model that provides 39 feet,  3 slides, and a garage. Look for this brand to migrate to America in the next few years. There are still several manufacturing facilities sitting vacant from the recent recession years here. Hopefully Vario seizes the opportunity and joins the market here in the USA.


Garage included for a small, low slung automobile.

VarioMobile Interior

Well folks, this is a new and exciting look at the future of the RV Lifestyle. Structural warranty of about six years is common among European manufacturers, as well as quality materials that are practical as well as beautiful used in the interiors, a chassis designed for what it carries, and energy efficient engines. Life is good!

May the New Year bring one of these beauties into your life.

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!One Gift Box

~ Margo